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Few people know that sturgeons are killed for a kilogram of caviar when their first eggs mature at the age of six or more years. More and more species of sturgeon are endangered. Thanks to the invention of a marine biologist in Bremerhaven, the endangered sturgeon no longer have to be killed in order to harvest their roe.

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The Vivace Process

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Before the invention by Prof Dr Angela Köhler at the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research in Germany (AWI), the prized sturgeons needed to be killed for caviar production as only immature eggs were robust and stable enough for the harsh washing process during caviar production. By observing natural processes during egg fertilization, Prof Dr Angela Köhler (AWI) developed a new technique for caviar production from mature eggs stripped off the living sturgeon. 

No Killing

The Vivace process of caviar production uses only mature eggs which the female sturgeon naturally releases from the ovaries into the body cavity. Our sturgeons are adapted to give their eggs under constantly controlled temperature and light regimes similar to conditions the fish experience in nature during reproduction. During spring time, as simulated in the Vivace aquaculture facility, the sturgeon female releases the eggs into its body cavity. From here they can be stripped within a few minutes by softly massaging the belly of the fish – a process of a few minutes that is used in every fish farm.

Caviar Probe

Size & Uniformity Of Eggs

According to the biological rule that every offspring must have equal chances, all mature eggs have the same size and are equipped with all nutrients to survive and grow. The Vivace method is the first to allow multiple harvests from the same ovaries. The size of the eggs increases with the second, third and every additional harvest, and the flavour intensifies.


only mature eggs

Caviar production by slaughtering the sturgeon is still common worldwide. Only immature eggs can be used, as long as/or because they lack the biological feature to become jelly when they come into contact with water and stick to stones for being fertilized. Sturgeon farmers since long have tried to stabilize the matured and stripped eggs by heating them up immediately after harvest, but the result is a mealy solid product with limited taste. In contrast, the Vivace process activates the mature egg to stabilize its membrane/envelope by its own metabolic activity, thus the stickiness disappears as in nature and the egg remains in its natural state, taste and content. This is known as the Vivace process and has been patented in over 90 countries worldwide.


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